Working Professional

“Finding a hostel is not a big deal but finding a home like place is definitely a jackpot.”

From modern infrastructure to comfortable rooms, tight security to well equipped fitness center, Hygienic kitchen to delicious menu and sports facilities to spacious parking area KCC Living is fully furnished and fully managed long term rentals for working professionals.





It is just 2-3 minutes away from the Aqua line metro station and situated on the main road where public transport is easily accessible.
All our spacious and tastefully- done rooms in the hostel offer you:
  • Bedroom equipped with individual bed, study table with chair and almirah with lock
  • Attached bathroom fitted with geyser, shower & other amenities
  • Air-condition or cooler provision for that unmatched comfort
  • Attached balcony where you can sip your morning cup of tea or milk
  • Free wi-fi connection for you to be connected with the world around you
  • Power back up for uninterrupted comfortable experience

KCC Institutes provides hostel facilities separately for both boys and girls conveniently located within the campus. Students can choose from several options such as air-conditioned rooms, air-cooled rooms, single occupancy and double occupancy rooms.

The Hostel is professionally managed by trained and caring staff with an exclusive focus on safety, cleanliness and regular upkeep. Rooms are fully furnished and spacious. Housekeeping services are also provided. Students are served wholesome and nutritious food daily representing cuisines from all over the country thus keeping in mind the preferences of students from different regions in India. Continental and Chinese cuisine is also served in the mess.

KCC Hostel for working professionals in Greater Noida is the best destination for employees looking for shared or single room PG in Noida. Our multi-storey PG hostel in Greater Noida offers a cozy, utopian living condition for over 600 inmates. KCC hostel PG for working professionals can help salaried employees living on a budget save thousands every month.


Yes, in case of a power blackout, KCC Hostel immediately taps into the power backup generators to provide its inmates with an uninterrupted comfortable experience.
Compared to triple/double or dorm rooms, Single rooms are expensive at KCC hostel. A single room with air-conditioning will cost you INR 1,65,000 per annum.
KCC Hostels works on the first-come, first-served policy when there are more applicants than there are hostel spaces. A waiting list is created and rooms are assigned based on the list and the availability of rooms.
We provide accommodations with private bathrooms as well as shared ones.
We provide rooms with two and three occupancies for both boys and girls with attached bathrooms, geysers, and showers.
The amenities offered include round-the-clock security, uninterrupted power supply, internet access, newspapers delivered to each room, laundry services, sports facilities, First Aid kits, and medical facilities.
The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India's performance evaluation criteria and standards are used by the KCC Hostel to select contract businesses for mess facilities each year. Presently, the services are being rendered by the top catering service provider in Greater Noida. The menu is created after consulting with other seasoned staff members and student reps. The best possible food quality is preserved, and stringent hygienic regulations are followed.